Christopher Ariano

Creating a Trust

Trusts are some of the most flexible and useful tools that you could use to manage your assets. However, they do come with fees and formalities. A trust is a tool that is created when a settlor declares it for a valid purpose and gives a fiduciary (trustee) the rights to assets or property for […]
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Spendthrift Clauses

If you believe you were promised a gift or inheritance, it might be tempting to pledge that gift or inheritance to a creditor or other third party to get rid of a debt. That way once you get the money or other assets you can just turn them over to the other party and everybody […]
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Powers of Appointment

There are many estate planning tools at your disposal to ensure that your life and end-of-life experiences are handled as you wish and to ensure that your loved ones are provided for. One of these tools is the power of appointment. What is the power of appointment? The power of appointment in the estates and […]
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