Tax Consequences of Receiving Inheritance

Receiving an inheritance is something that most people would welcome. Tax consequences are probably not the first thing you would think about when you receive assets or money, but they play an important role in your life. Taxes may increase or reduce the value of your inheritance.

Are there any tax consequences to receiving an inheritance?

Income Taxes

Arizona does have a personal income tax that could affect your inheritance. Generally, you will not declare inherited assets (e.g. stocks or real property) on your Arizona income tax return.1 You will usually have to include investment income up to the date of the decedent’s death from interest or dividends on your Arizona income tax, though.2 You will have to pay income tax on any benefits you receive from a retirement account of a decedent as well.3 The government will also sometimes exempt certain property from taxes or offer ways to reduce them in certain circumstances.4

Estate, Property, and Inheritance TaxesSelling an Inherited Asset

There could be tax consequences or benefits depending on what you do with your inheritance. For example, if you sell your inherited asset then your tax basis will be the date of the deceased owner’s death instead of the date the original owner bought the asset.18 This is a good thing for you, because the only capital gains you have to report are the ones that occurred after the date of the decedent’s death (so it looks like you bought the person the day the decedent died).19

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